The CNM India

We are a Non-Profit Inter-denominational Full Gospel Church Ministry. Founded on 1st October 2004 &officiallyregistered on 31st March 2005 as Cloud Nine Ministries; generally known as CNM India.We are more than 12 years old inter-denominational Christian faith ministry with the end-time prophetic messages of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ to prepare His Church at large.

As this is a faith ministry, we use our God-gifted talents to generate products and services (e.g. CDs & DVDs of Gospel teachings, live miracle crusades, worship and devotional albums. Books and periodicals for the churches at large.) to raise funds for this ministry which helps us to organize Crusades and Meetings and carry God’s word to various places…

Without support from any significant source, we are able to march ahead with the gospel of love of Christ & the power of the Holy Spirit since last 12 long years… Souls restored, Sick healed and lost found for Jesus by this anointed ministry. Anointed heart piercing messages proclaimed by Pastor Prachi has done many wonders in various places in India esp. in Orissa and abroad….


Back in 2004 the chosen servant of God Prachiranjan Das (Founder) & his wife Lipika Das (Co-Founder) along with 5 common people joined together to build this legacy of faith making this trust operational. Registered as Cloud Nine Ministries Trust, bearing registration no. 308/2005 Significance of the NAME ‘Cloud Nine Ministries’, the name that is given by the Holy Ghost when Pastor Prachi was on fasting prayer seeking God’s will regarding this ministry back in 2004. The detailed plan of God for this ministry was revealed to him throughout the 40days fast.

The ‘Cloud’ represents the presence of the Lord, as he was like the pillar of Cloud, with the Israelites during the exile and proved Himself with the power and might of the His Holy Ghost. ‘Nine’ represents the unchanging Love of the Holy God, as the number ‘9’ never loses its prime value. (eg. 9 multiplied by any number comes back to 9 again) 

Examples : 9×5=45 i.e.( 4+5=9 ). 9×12345=111105 i.e. (1+1+1+1+0+5=9) Thus, this ministry proclaims the Kingdom of God which is unchanging, unadulterated and beyond understanding of a sinful heart.