The thrusting power behind the ministry of tent maker Paul, the missionary is the motivation behind the SHEDS. Once along with the Italian business couple Aquila and Priscilla, he started the first concept of cottage industry while in Corinth. The business was dedicated to back up the ministry and the day to day requirements thereof. The motive was quite clear and distinct.

1.   To fulfil the needs of the ministry and the persons involved. (Act 20:34)
2.   Not to impose burdens (esp. financially) upon anyone (1 The. 2:9)
3.   To set an exemplary footprint for the generations, in serving the Lord (2 The. 3:8-9)

Bible Scholar Dr. Adam Clark & John Wesley says, “They were tent makers by trade, for it was a rule among the Jews (…and why it is not among the Christians?), to bring up all their children to some trade, were they ever so rich or noble.

Wise & Intellect St. Paul had a greater understanding in this regard. He knew that, (though people were bringing offerings according to their ability and beyond their capacity – 2 Cor. 8:3) there are big challenges for a big ministry and it requires bigger sacrifices and wiser planning. Thus he used his skills and talents to thrust ahead the ministry.

Pastor Prachi, a trained professional in various fields, along with many other likeminded people has come together to train and equip underprivileged people groups at large, to produce quality products and services, a major part of which goes to different community development programmes.